The history of artists getting cheated on their work is as long and colorful as the history of art itself. While artists have much better legal protections than they used to, many of them find that there can still be a large gap between their rights under the law and the practical costs of pursuing those rights. (This is especially true in the internet age.)

I help artists understand their legal rights and protect them. I also advise artists when they’re confronted with a difficult situation — for instance, finding that their work has been copied without permission. Filing a lawsuit is often one option, but since nobody likes litigation, I help artists consider other options as well.

I have a M.F.A. in creative writing from the University of Montana, and before I was an attorney, I wrote part-time for a small newspaper. So I have firsthand knowledge of the frustrations that artists and creative professionals often endure when art and commerce intersect.

• Business disputes / unfair competition
• Contract drafting & review
• Contract litigation
• Copyright & trademark infringement
• Documentation requirements for fine art multiples
• Fair use evaluations
• Internet piracy
• Licensing
• Responding to cease & desist letters

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