I provide sophisticated counsel in the complex and evolving arena of environmental law —from advocating with regulators and legislators on air quality and climate change initiatives, to building strong and effective compliance programs, to litigating cutting-edge matters, to responding to government investigations and enforcement actions.

I help clients mitigate the environmental and financial risks associated with undetected, uninsured or undisclosed environmental liabilities, and I have experience with every major federal environmental statute and several state law counterparts. I work well with other attorneys and public policy advocates to deal with environmental and energy issues that are often controversial. I advise companies, business groups and trade associations on major environmental and energy development needs, both in the U.S. and abroad.

I pride myself on helping companies and other clients manage complex issues that involve multiple stakeholders in a cost-effective and efficient manner. I respond quickly and effectively to solve problems in a targeted and strategic manner.

I provide counsel in connection with civil and criminal environmental enforcement defense, general regulatory compliance, internal investigations, government information requests and grand jury subpoena demands, search warrants, legislation, administrative rulemakings, mergers and acquisitions, permitting, cost recovery, toxic torts, citizens’ suits, and the design and implementation of environmental management systems.

My clients, however, expect—and receive—something more. I build productive working relationships with clients through personal attentiveness and responsiveness. A central part of my job is to know and understand client needs and expectations in connection with any given matter, including concerns and challenges that extend beyond it.

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