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tim coffield - virginia anti-blacklisting law
Virginia’s Anti-Blacklisting Law, VA Code § 40.1-27, generally prohibits employers from willfully or maliciously preventing or attempting to prevent a former employee from obtaining new employment. While the statute does not describe a private cause of action, the...
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Virginia Medical Cannabis Oil Employment Law - Tim Coffield
Virginia’s Medicinal Cannabis Oil Employment Law (MCOEL), VA Code § 40.1-27.4, generally prohibits employers from disciplining employees for engaging in lawful medicinal use of cannabis oil. The law, however, contains several exceptions that allow employers to terminate or...
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In Perez v. Mortgage Bankers Ass’n, 575 U.S. 92, 135 S. Ct. 1199 (2015), the Supreme Court held that an agency, like the Department of Labor, is not required to use notice-and-comment procedures when it wishes to issue...
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tim coffield - bowman
Under Bowman v. State Bank of Keysville, 229 Va. 534, ​​331 S.E.2d 797 (1985), an at-will employee in Virginia may bring a common law claim of wrongful discharge if the employee’s termination violates Virginia’s public policy. While these...
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tim coffield - Mitchell v. Kentucky Finance Co
In Mitchell v. Kentucky Finance Co., 359 U.S. 290 (1959) the Supreme Court held that the business of making personal loans to individuals does not constitute “sales of . . . services” by a “retail or service establishment,”...
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